Tucked in t-shirt after eight days of walking

Location: Mutawintji National Park, NSW
Year(s): 2010
Status: Completed
Media: T-shirt, desert dust stains
Supported by
: RMIT University

Collecting stains on material documenting travelling through landscape, here archived through the material of clothing stained during walks in Mutawintji National Park. This walk took place at Mutawintji in 2010 with a group of class eight school children from The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School.

Mutawintji is a significant site for numerous reasons, primary among them its 40,000 - 60,000+ year history of being an important annual meeting site for Indigenous Australians. Mutawintji is also a significant site in colonised Australia as it was one of the first National Parks handed back to Aboriginal custodianship. The Barkindji were finally successful in a native title claim in 2015 that was lodged in 1997:

"It is the sixth native title determination in New South Wales and the largest - covering 128,000 square kilometres — from Wentworth at the Victorian border to near Wanaaring in the state's north-west, including Broken Hill, Wilcannia, Menendee, Pooncarie and Dareton"