Mud bricks / found ceramics

Location: C3 Gallery, Abbotsford Convent
for Faux Studio,C3 Gallery fundraiser exhibition
Curator: Jon Butt
Year(s): 2016
Participating artists: Collaborative with Kate Hill

Status: Completed

Using clay from the garden, recycled from a previous exhibition at C3 Gallery by Isadora Vaughan, adding straw, water, sand and lime, these bricks were dried in the sun and exhibited alongside ceramics and studio paraphernalia from Kate Hill's studio practice. In addition, a collection of small ceramic shards (collected by both artists) was exhibited. One collection found during four years of turning vegetable garden soil in Eugene Howard's garden in Northcote, and one collection from walks made by Kate Hill along the Merri Creek in Melbourne's North.

This small installation looked at ritual and reccurring process within creative practice. Looking at the versatility and immense potential in clay and mud brick building, a process learned in childhood during school farming classes, and a form of building prevalent from the post-war era architecture within the region of Eugene's childhood, Nillumbik Council. This work is symbolic of processes within the garden of re-use and economy of material, and  informed by a dialogue of mutual interest in these processes.

Small ceramic shards offer an insight into solitary rituals and habits of the artists, coming across and collecting these enduring shards of the past during processes of walking or cultivating the garden. These pieces offer a delicate and poetic hint of what 'has been', whilst also presenting a piece of a 'whole' that becomes almost more powerful in its potential than its once whole, now shattered form.