Documenting care
HD video documentation
Kochi AIR
Kerala, India

This documentation was made whilst undertaking co-management of the Kochi Artist-in-Resident (AIR) program with artist Kate Hill in 2016.

This builds on works that have looked into methodologies for care-cultivation and the ways in which we lay down connection to place through practices of gardening. This video records simple actions and gestures of care around Pepper House in Kochi, Kerala. The opening frames however record the looming presence of the international port of Kochi. The port, at the time of filming, was rumoured to be soon closed by local government due to the losses incurred by the 24/7 dredging, necessary to keep the bay deep enough for cargo ships. Sand is dredged and often dumped further out to sea, only to have the channel fill-in again. The dredging has all-but destroyed the local fishing industry, which now makes some small profit displaying the elaborate and beautiful 'Chines fishing nets' to tourists.

NB: The final long frame documents a section of Shoeb Ahmad's sound work made on residency as part of KochiAIR).