Hand to Mouth 

Location: Mr Kitly Gallery
Melbourne, VIC

Year(s): 2013
Participating artists: Anna Varendnorrf and Eugene Howard

Status: Completed
Team: Co-conceived by Eugene Howard and Kate Hill
Media: Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon) spoons
Documentation: Christo Crocker
Drawings: Oslo Davis

An Exhibition of spoons at Mr Kitly by Anna Varendorff and Eugene Howard. This project rejoiced in the simplicity and pleasure in the design of the 'spoon', examining the process of bringing a functional designed object into being and the threshold at which the spoon acquires its 'spooness'. Spoons by Anna Varendorff made from silver tailings leftover from her sculpture and jewellery practice, and Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon) spoons made by Eugene Howard from wood gifted to his family from a farm in Gippsland. Installed on a table with carved indentations the shape of each spoon, leaving the 'impression' of the spoon in the table as the spoons were taken over the duration of the exhibition.
Assemble Papers Article: http://assemblepapers.com.au/2015/02/26/fallen-wood-sabi-spoons-eugene-howard/
A small number of spoons are stocked at Mr Kitly.


Small spoon repaired by Kate Hill (using kintsugi)

Small spoon repaired by Kate Hill using the Japanese technique of kintsugi