Growing Materials:
measuring spring, the first harvest of honeycomb & a large sheet of paper from spring growth

Location: Northcote, VIC
Year(s): 2016

Status: Completed
Supported by:  Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), University of Melbourne
Media: Multiple bees wax shapes, beeswax soaked cloth, digital photograph, large sheets of paper from garden prunings

Image taken from a series documenting wax objects made from the first harvest of honeycomb in Spring. Carried around Melbourne to be held and smelled by people during informally structured conversations. The wax was made into a candle (exhibited at VCA Gallery) lit, burned and extinguished each day, the wax-soaked tea towel it sat upon was returned and composted in the garden.

Paper was made soley from materials grown in the garden (pruning off-cuts). This paper was exhibited and used in paintings.