Birrarung Cultural Precinct

The Birrarung Cultural Precinct is a proposal to create an expansive precinct linking significant cultural spaces and parklands on both sides of the Birrarung (Yarra River), from Ivanhoe to Lower Plenty, an important part of Wurundjeri Country. The Birrarung Cultural Precinct proposes a wellbeing precinct nourishing arts, culture, sports and tourism. This new precinct will celebrate the ‘spirit of place’ and the unique environment associated with the river. The NEL presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver an ambitious cultural precinct of international significance. Importantly, The Birrarung Cultural Precinct would deliver Action 21 of the Victorian Government’s Yarra River Action Plan.

Location: Ivanhoe, Bulleen, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Lower Plenty, VIC
Year(s): Development/consultation 2018-19, delivery TBC
Status: Proposed
Team: Co-conceived by Maudie Palmer AO and Eugene Howard with Senior Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin AO Endorsed by: Heide Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Yarra Riverkeeper Association Inc. and supported by the Birrarung Council

Our submission to DELWP’s Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) on the Draft Yarra River – Bulleen Precinct Landuse Framework Plan can be viewed here

Gariwerd Cultural Landscape

A project in development examining attempts to protect rock art and other cultural sites from damage by visitors and rockclimbers to the Gariwerd/Grampians National Park. This project sees extensive documentation by John Gollings AM, produced and curated by Eugene Howard. Gariwerd Cultural Landscape will also develop into an expanded publication. Supported by Jake Goodes, Parks Victoria’s Aboriginal Heritage co-ordinator for western Victoria. Goodes is conducting incredible work preserving cultural sites and protecting them from further damage during a time of immense pressure.
Gariwerd has approximately 90% of Victoria's known rock art sites and is Djab Wurrung, Jardwadjali and Gunditjmara Country (Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Aboriginal Corporation and Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation), amongst others. Fantastic to be granted access to a range of sites from Mt Difficult Range, to the Victoria Range and both of the Black Ranges, including the recently re-discovered 'Bunyip Cave', over the past few months as I work on a documentation project as a producer and researcher. Also thrilling to be present for the re-discovery of some rock art, with prompt registration by Aboriginal Heritage Victoria officers who were present. More to come...

Location: Gariwerd (Grampians), Western Victoria
Artist: John Gollings AM in collaboration with ABoriginal rock art expert for Western Vicotria, Jake Goodes (Parks Victoria) Lead curator/producer: Eugene Howard
Year(s): 2019-

Status: In-development (2020/21 launch)

© Eugene Howard

I acknowledge and pay respect to Victorian Traditional Custodians, and Traditional Custodians across Australia, as the original custodians of land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. I honour Elders past, present and becomming whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practice